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Frequently asked Questions

Once payment has been completed on an order, it will be sent to fulfillment on same business day. Once in fulfillment, the order will be picked and shipped within 1 business day, and our standard shipping service takes 2-6 days to get package to your door. You will be sent an email with shipping tracking info.
Info on returns is covered in detail on Terms and Condtions.
If you have created a user account, then you can go to My Account Addresses, and change your addresses there. Also, on any order , it will pre-populate with those addresses if available, and you can always choose to override those and set the billing and shipping addresses on the order checkout screen.
You can view the status of any order in your account dashboard if you have created a user account, within the account dashboard, order status on all your order is shown on the Orders page. Regardless of whether you have created an account or did guest checkout, you will receive emails for when the order status changes, such as when created and when it is shipped, or put on hold, or cancelled, etc, these emails contain full order info of all line items, etc. as well.
You can reply to any order status emails you receive from EREULAND with any questions, the emails you receive from EREULAND will be sent from You can also send new emails directly to that email address. This is the most expedient way for EREULAND to manage communications.
If you have created a user account, check Your Orders, asap, you should see an option to ‘Cancel’ if the order has not been paid yet, or if the order has been paid but not fulfilled yet, i.e. picked/packed/shipped yet. If you don’t see the option to Cancel on the order in any cases, please respond to a prior email from EREULAND on that order or send a new email to with your reqeust to cancel, we will try to intervene and cancel the order if it all possible before fulfillment, or if it has shipped we will try to notify the shipper and follow-up with you on next steps.

Currently, EREULAND, only ships to U.S. states and territories.

For these products, the dimensions are small enough, we will strive to accommodate single boxing for most orders as it saves us shipping costs also. We can’t guarantee this though, especially if some items you ordered were out of stock at time and went on back order and you chose to ship in-stock now and back-order later.

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