The company is based in San Diego, CA, USA. The founders have personally used full spectrum hemp extracts such as oils and liposomals for a few years and enjoyed the results. This ongoing personal interest led to investing in some companies that have emerged as leaders in the ever-evolving hemp nutraceutical industry. There are some great companies in the space that manufacture high quality branded products with substantial investment in their own proprietary formulations and delivery mechanisms.

Mission Statement

Stay current on latest innovations in hemp derived nutraceuticals and curate a wide ranging, non-overlapping catalog per delivery mechanism of the best-of-breed brands sourced from manufacturers that follow high quality seed-to-sale process, use only non-gmo hemp, and utilize full spectrum whole-plant extraction that includes naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids. Make the online shopping experience easy, the customer will always get the best deal at any time based on active promotions applied automatically to cart totals, no gimmicks, mailing lists, coupon codes, etc.

EREULAND, circa 2019

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