Elixinol™ Whole Hemp Extract, Water Soluble Powder, 30 Pack Berry Flavor


Elixinol™ exclusive product, microencapsulated, high bio-availability, CBD water soluble powder. Contains full spectrum whole hemp extract including CBD and other naturally occurring terpenes. Box of 30 Single-Serving Sachets of Berry flavored CBD Powder, each sealed sachet has precisely 10mg of CBD.

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Innovative water soluble solution designed and manufactured exclusively by Elixinol™:

  • Made with full-spectrum extract including CBD and other terpenes from organic hemp
  • Microencapsulated for high bioaccessibility and absorption
  • Rapidly dissolving powder for on-the-go lifestyles
  • An innovative terpene and natural ingredient blend
  • Make your own flavored CBD water, shake, smoothie, or beverage
  • Fantastic for busy executives, athletes, parents, or anyone on the go
  • 3 distinct terpene profiles formulated to get you through your day and night
  • 3 natural flavors to match your ideal energy levels throughout the morning, afternoon or evening
  • Contains undetectable levels of THC and is non-intoxicating and non-addictive

Advanced Powdered CBD Technology by OLEO™:

The power of full-spectrum Elixinol™ CBD meets groundbreaking OLEO™ technology to create a rapidly-dissolving CBD drink mix. It’s water-soluble, incredibly bioaccessible, and easy to use.

OLEO™’s proprietary formulation process binds the CBD to a natural carbohydrate blend, breaking the cannabidiol molecules into even smaller particles. This ensures CBD is twice as bioaccessible within two hours of consumption compared to other CBD delivery methods.

Certificate of Analysis:

Elixinol™ provides single online page that lists certificates of analysis(COA) for each bulk lot of each of their products, so, you can visit this page, find the matching product,  and view any of the COAs listed under it:

Elixinol™ COA